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AXLR8 Therapy Wraps - Pair

AXLR8 Therapy Wraps - Pair

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AXLR8 Therapy Wraps are designed in Australia by horse people, for horses.

Including combination therapy of blue, red and infrared lights, scientifically proven to be more effective when delivered together. Non-invasive targeted light therapy, stimulate the mitochondria within the body to produce more energy, allowing improved healing, recovery and overall wellness. Read the Science

These have been designed with acupressure ting-points in mind, to better support blood flow and restoration of the foot.

We didn't want to sell you multiple pads for different locations on the body, so we made sure we designed one product to rule them all!


  1. Two 40 x 40cm therapy wraps
  2. Two sets of three sizes adjustable straps (legs, neck/hamstrings, back/lumbar) allowing you to join two pads into a large 40 x 80 cm surface coverage!
  3. Rechargeable USB Powerbank and charging cords
  4. Branded canvas carry tote (with handle for carrying + hanging!)

The technical details

  • 480 individual lights per pad, 60 blue, 120 red and 120 infrareds
  • Blue 460nm, Red 660nm, Near Infrared & Infrared 850nm & 950nm strength
  • >200mW/c m2 at surface for deeper penetration
  • Individual wraps can be joined together for larger areas such as the back and rump making these perfectly multi-purpose!
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
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