LED Therapy reducing return to fitness time

While we have previously discussed the benefits of LED Therapy for general wellness, there are also studies that support a significantly reduced return-to-play time period in human athletes.

As we know, LED therapy (specifically infrared, & greater with all light types combined) uses light to penetrate the skin, increasing the metabolism of the mitochondria (the batteries within your cells). This process acts as an energy boost, which in turn stimulates the healing processes in muscle, bone, skin & subcutaneous tissues.

Over a 15-month period, a total of 395 injuries including sprains, strains, ligament damage, tendonitis and contusions, were treated with an average of 4.3 treatments (per injury). The average return-to-play time period in the LED Therapy group was significantly shorter by 9.6 days, compared with the mean group of 19.23 days.

While these results were generalised from an injury type perspective, they also clearly indicate the benefits of LED Therapy for a vast array of injuries subject with pain, inflammation & repair to tissue trauma.

Read the complete study here 

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