AXLR8 Equine Therapeutics

LED Light Therapy offers horses significant benefits both in rehabilitation from injury, and as a performance aid for the sport horse.

Reduce recovery time, increase strength & endurance for your horse.

Light Therapy has a well-known mechanism in nearly any cell of the body with a mitochondrion. Both red and near infrared light help our mitochondria to complete the process of respiration, giving more CO2 and ATP ; or energy.

One of the key characteristics of muscle cells is that they are exceptionally abundant in mitochondria, needing them to fulfil the high energy demands of the tissue. This applies to skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, and smooth muscle tissue like you would find in internal organs. The density of mitochondria in muscle tissue varies between species and parts of the body, but they all need a high degree of energy to function. Their rich presence overall suggests why light therapy researchers are interested in the application of targeting muscles, even more so than other tissues

Recent science is now identifying LED Light Therapy as a pivotal player when increasing muscle mass, reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and an increase in muscle strength & endurance