Recalibrating equines through hoof + body

Consulting with some of the leading hoof specialists in the world, Samantha learned as much as possible about negative palmar/plantar angles, hoof balance, optimising trimming methods, hi/low syndrome & restoring function to the foot. Schedule to undertake Advance Training of the Distal Limb in late 2022, Samantha is dedicated to learning & research.

Samantha is trained in the use of Metron Hoof Software to provide accurate x-ray and photographic mark-ups to better enable podiotherapy care & tracking progress through data. Adding to her kit, Samantha has recently acquired the first mobile gait analysis system in the world that measures the foot, distinguishing time between landing, stance & breakover Werkman Black. Data driven decisions to better inform the care of your horse (not opinion)

Incorporating her love for biomechanics, Samantha has undertaken training in the USA with leading Lameness Expert Celeste Lazarus from Wild Magic LLC. After phenomenal results via remote coaching, Samantha committed to Celeste's Balance Through Movement Method, spending nearly a month in California training under Celeste directly, learning nerve release techniques to compliment restoration of the thoracic sling. Now continuing an apprenticeship under Celeste, Samantha is the only person qualified with these methods in Australia.

Does your equine need support?

I am usually along the East Coast of Australia during competition season & will be looking to tie in events with some local clinics. If you're interested, I'd love to hear from you below!