What is LED Therapy & what are the different lights?

LED Therapy is light-emitting dioed, that penetrates the skin at different depths, depending on the strength of the light used. Our wraps incorporate blue, red and infrared light, all scientifically proven to increase the power house of the cells (mitochondrias) by increasing ATP (energy) production.
Blue light best works for skin level concerns (mud fever, wounds, etc), Red light penetrates approximatley 4mm into the skin to work on fascia, connective tissues and muscles, whilst Infrared light is known to penetrate 2-7cm within the body.
All LED Therapy improves the circulation of oxygen-rich blood in the body thereby promoting faster healing of deep tissues and relieving pain. Commonly used for tendon and ligament injuries, joint pain and stiffness (including arthritis), inflammation, laminitis, as well as part of pre/post warmup/recovery methods for horses in work.

What can AXLR8 Therapy Wraps treat?

Our AXLR8 Therapy Wraps have been designed based on heavily researched LED Therapy, which demonstrates improvement in conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, ligament damage, strains, sprains, and bruising (see The Science page for more!). LED Therapy may also be beneficial for laminitis, inflammatory responses & pain related conditions.

What does my AXLR8 order come with?

Individual wraps are sold with:
  • 1 x rechargeable powerbank & stamped charging cord
  • 1 x wrap power cord (from battery to the wrap)
  • 2 x small AXLR8 straps (legs)
  • 1 x neck/hamstring AXLR8 strap
  • 1 x back/rump AXLR8 strap
  • 1 x canvas carry bag
Our AXLR8 pair kit is sold with two sets of the above inclusions at a discounted price

How do I charge my AXLR8 batteries?

Each AXLR8 kit sold comes with either one or two rechargeable power banks and USB adaptor plug, to insert into your wall charger! Plug the USB cable into whichever wall plug you use for your phone or small device & let it charge! The battery is fully charged when all lights are 'full'

How do I store my AXLR8 wraps?

Your AXLR8 products consist of electrical wires and chips underneath the neoprene, therefore they need to be handled with care. Please do not fold your wraps (like a pancake) to keep them in storage or you risk the lighting wires breaking. AXLR8 wraps are to be stored without any straps securing either end, and simply "flopping" them loosely into your carry bag

How long do the AXLR8 batteries last?

Depending on your level of use & the setting, you should expect to see 3 - 5 hours per battery before needing to recharge. Each light indicates approximatley 1 hour.

Do you offer a warranty?

Absolutley, yes! We offer a 1 year manufacturer warranty on all AXLR8 products. We ask that you follow the care instructions to keep them as safe as possible, as we cannot replace your items if they are physically damaged.

How do I use the AXLR8 Wraps?

Unlike other products on the market, we wanted to design one kit to service the whole body! Each AXLR8 pair kit has two sets of straps in varying sizes, with velcro tabs for easy attachment. Join the straps with the leg tabs to cover larger surface areas, and attach our 'Rump & Lumbar' straps for extra security! Place on the shoulder, under neath the neck (brachiocephalic), on top of the mane (nuchal ligament!), across the entire saddle area, the lumbar and sacroiliac, hamstrings & glues, hocks - your creativity really is the limit on how to secure them! Tag us on social media @axlr8equine with your locations!

How long do I use the AXLR8 wraps for?

For general wellness, studies are indicating 20 minutes use every other day. Should you be looking to support injury recovery, we firstly recommend you consult with you veterinarian, before proceeding with your treatment plan. Twice daily applications for a minimum 20 minutes are showing to be beneficial for accelerated healing. Check out our "The Science" page to read some more!

Can I use the AXLR8 wraps on me (the human)

Absolutley, yes! Stiffness to joints? Sore muscles? Sleep funny last night? Leave your wraps on the area experiencing discomfort for 20 minutes daily!