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Metron Hoof X-ray Mark Ups (4 feet series)

Metron Hoof X-ray Mark Ups (4 feet series)

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Accurate measurements of your horses hooves are imperative to assist you and your farrier to manage your horse long term. 

Leave nothing to guess work & get your X-rays measured for accuracy!

Measurements provided include; P3 angle, bony column alignment, navicular apparatus, toe support and hoof angle. Package includes mark ups for all 4 feet.

Additional measurements can be accommodated - please email me first to discuss!

*it is important to note that accurate X-Ray's are required in order to deliver accurate results. This includes the use of a calibrator within the image, barium along the hoof wall, and true lateral images (eg: both sides of the shoe heel should not be visible). If any of your images present with these issues, your accuracy is impacted. I will advise you if this is the case.

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